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Songs About Women - Short Film

197 page views | Mon, 26th of March, 2018

Shu! Witness the capturing effort of RnB singer, songwriter, and producer, J.Smallz', latest short film for his debut EP Songs About Women. As if we didn't already know how smooth these RnB cats can get, homie takes it to another level in the visual which is a movie medley of some songs off the EP.

Let's start you from the beginning. So, he opens up the movie with a regular working day in the studio to his opening track Songs About Women before sh! hits the fan when his girl discovers a "chain" that doesn't belong to her in his pocket. Ay yai yai, why is it even there homie?! Now, we flip into the highly acclaimed Inferno and the latest single, Moments, where we see him miserable as we discover another lady in the picture. You're not helping the RnB singers fam! Mysterious bae in the picture also has a bone to pick with J as it seems that she's not getting the love she wants from him. So that's how the "chain" ended up with him? Issa mess! Good thing about life though is that it goes on and J needs to get back in studio to lace the Jay-Z & Beyonce Interlude which closes the movie. In the end Smallz is without bae, he went from 2 to 0 in less than 10 minutes but at least he's still got the music. Bravo!

-  @Spokenpriestess


Click here to watch the Short Film