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The Star - Tonight: Love is the drug we all want to be

262 page views | Thu, 20th of July, 2017

"If YOU were a drug, what would you be?" It sounds like a line straight out of a rom-com , right? It's actually the start of Moments, a song by J....

Mangwane takes 1st place

315 page views | Tue, 27th of June, 2017

The new single by J.Smallz titled Mangwane takes first place on Ysm's Hot 99 RnB charts hosted by Khutso Theledi. Mangwane is a song that dives...

Zikiphani - "LISTEN: J Smallz Songs About Women EP"

182 page views | Mon, 29th of May, 2017

When was the last time you heard good RnB and Soul music about love and being in love and all that good stuff? It’s been a while right? Well, mu...

Daily Sun: He makes music for lovebirds

152 page views | Fri, 7th of April, 2017

J.Smallz, real name Pheto Mabena is on a mission to change South African R&B. The Musician, who was born and bred in Mpumalanga, moved to Tshwan to pe...

Tracks You Should Hear: JSmallz - Witness

172 page views | Tue, 14th of February, 2017

Many of you would've come across this dude's name in the producer credits, but maybe also in some features or simply as his own man. Either wa...


135 page views | Wed, 12th of October, 2016

Multi talented artist… wait let’s correct that………. Multi talented Musician J-SMALLZ is no stranger to us and many out there in the music wor...

J.Smallz hits number one again

290 page views | Thu, 22nd of June, 2017

We have all become familiar with Inferno, the song which brought J.Smallz from background to the musical foreground with intense harmonies and a sexy...

The Star - Tonight: J.Smallz is doing big things

264 page views | Thu, 22nd of June, 2017

J.Smallz is finally getting his moment in the sun as a CEO turned singer. His new song, Inferno, has been heating up the radio. But admittedly, it has...